Bytecoin Wallet 1.0.8 Release Introduces Micro-Donations

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Bytecoin Wallet 1.0.8 Release Introduces Micro-Donations

Postby ullo » Thu Oct 01, 2015 6:17 pm

On October 1st Bytecoin team have released a 1.0.8 update for Bytecoin Wallet. This update introduces the very first ABISprotocol implementation in form of micro-donations, Windows 32-bit version and RPM for various Unix-like OS's.


Donation Mining
With the donation mining option a user can select how many hashes per second (in %) she'd like to donate to the specified Bytecoin address.

Donation as % of a transaction
With % of a transaction donation every Bytecoin user is now able to anonymously donate random amount of BCN on each transaction. This amount can not exceed a percentage specified in the settings. Technically, the donation is taken from the change outputs, which implies that a donating transaction is visually no different from any other in the blockchain. We will cover this in more detail in one of the upcoming blog posts.

Windows 32-bit version
Long-awaited Win32 version of Bytecoin Wallet is finally here. It can be downloaded from Bytecoin downloads page.

RPM for various Unix-like OS's
RPM is yet another executable that was requested by our users. Its advent marks that Bytecoin Wallet is now available for users on CentOS, Fedora etc.

The micro-donations feature has been created as the result of the community discussion of ABISprotocol.
Bytecoin blog features post that covers the concept of ABISprotocol. It was written by Odinn who envisioned it as a form of micro-donations.

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