A new anonymous tech TRR inspired by TOR

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A new anonymous tech TRR inspired by TOR

Postby darknetspace » Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:30 am

Transaction Remote Release

Transaction Remote Release (TRR) is a new technology created by DarkNetSpace inspired by Tor, it is able to protect Bitcoin network against two type attacks, one is protocol sniffers and the other is big data analysis of massive legal nodes.

Bitcoin Protocol Sniffers

Bitcoin protocol sniffers (BPS) refers to programs sniffing the network packets, analyzing Bitcoin protocol and gathering one-to-one relationship between IP address and Bitcoin address. The Bitcoin protocol have not been encrypted, we can take all raw transferred data by a network sniffer. According to Bitcoin protocol, an INV command is to tell other nodes that I have a new transaction. If other nodes send GETDATA command back, then this client will send TX command to tell the details of this new transaction. If we can't find this TX id in our Bitcoin node, maybe it is a new transaction generated by this client. So we could set up a network sniffer on a local network to find the IP address-Bitcoin address pairs.

Big Data Analysis of Massive Legal Nodes

Another attacking method is called Big Data Analysis of Massive Legal Nodes (BDAMLN). To perform such an attack, the attackers must have a lot of money (FBI really do when they encounter Silk Road). They set up a lot of nodes like normal nodes, however, theses nodes act as spies in Bitcoin network. They will gather any information like IP address and Bitcoin address pairs. When these special nodes cover a large part of the whole Bitcoin network, the attackers would know a lot of messages.

Transaction Remote Release(TRR)

DarkNetSpace builds data encryption within the protocol, and encrypts new transaction data in a similar way of Tor.
Firstly, selects a random route including 4-5 nodes to release a new transaction, IP addresses and public keys of these nodes are needed.
Secondly, encrypts new transaction data using these nodes’ public key in a reverse routing road. For example, the routing road is from A->B->C. So we must encrypted data using the C node’s public key, then B’s public key, the A’s.
Thirdly, A receives the encrypted data; it decrypts data using this private key, and then sends the rest data to the next node B. B does the same work.
Lastly, C receives TRR command and finds it is the last node of the routing. C will release the new transaction and sends back result.

Why TRR when we have Tor ?

Tor network encrypts the protocol data transferred among DarkNetSpace nodes; however, one node will tell others its IP address and new transaction through DarkNetSpace protocol. If there are massive special nodes performing Big Data Analysis attack, the relationship of IP address and the owner of new transaction will be possible to be exposed. Another situation, when Tor network doesn’t work fine, TRR can make sure the anonymity of DarkNetSpace.

DarkNetSpace builds data encryption within the protocol, it will work fine when Tor network is offline or we are under Big Data Analysis attack.
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Re: A new anonymous tech TRR inspired by TOR

Postby Werner_Albert » Tue Nov 18, 2014 2:47 pm


Great idea guys. Keep it up. Can't wait to see TRR in action.
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