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General discussion of CryptoNote and the future world

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Postby Catherine_Erwin » Wed Mar 26, 2014 6:47 pm

This section of the CryptoNote forum is devoted to the philosophical discussion around cryptography, digital money and CryptoNote technology itself.

Please, be patient and polite. Respect other people's point of view and and restrain from flooding.

Before you start, we'd like to remind you two important things:

1. CryptoNote is a non-profit and nonpolitical technological project.

2. CryptoNote and Bitcoin are not competing systems, but technologies organically supplementing each other. Together they constitute the basis for future human society development centered on the idea of ​​man, his rights and privacy as the highest value.

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Re: General Information

Postby bbelev » Thu Jul 24, 2014 5:00 pm

By being so neutral and freedom oriented you remind me of Eckhart Tolle. I love the CryptoNote project so far!

The current system has not collapsed yet, despite of being corrupt, unfair and unsustainable. The reason for this is the lack of alternative. Population (consciously or not) chooses being robbed by inflation and government cartels than experiencing a complete collapse of the financial system. Such a collapse without a available alternative will be quite destructive for a highly specialized society that we have in the 21st century. The moment when cryptocurrencies become secure (hardware wallets), user friendly and large enough (1+ trln USD market cap) the shift will quickly take place. Gold as nature's money will remain a safe store of value. Governments will shrink in size and expenditures and will be limited to organizing kickstarter type of crowdfunding for their projects.

I think cryptocurrency is antifragile (something that gains from disorder, Nassim Nicholas Taleb). The more challenges there are the more resilient it gets. This is a natural force than cannot be stopped and will go through any barrier.

I have the feeling that projects kept in silence like Cryptonote are much more likely to succeed than the overhyped Ethereum for example. "I am so smart that I can invent Bitcoin 2.0" seems to be the unconscious message of Ethereum founders (I hope I am not right on that one).

The change in money is so significant with notable implications for society like loss of governmental control over spending, wars, inflation, deficits etc, complete washout of the banking sector, flattening of the boom and bust cycles resulting in more savings, less unproductive capacity, less waste, sustainable growth in an environmentally friendly way, mental shift from excessive growth and spending towards, saving, production and natural sustainability and so many others.
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