Cryptonote: Huge jump to the future.

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Cryptonote: Huge jump to the future.

Postby crando » Tue Apr 15, 2014 5:30 pm

Technologies define our lives now. The Bitcoin appeared as a new method, new technology. The more technologies are developed the more positive changes appear in our life. Ordinary people can’t control this process. But we always can access the value of new technology.
One point is that our governments come short, the world economic system is not stable, wars are going on with non-understandable reasons (or very understandable) and wars are very expensive! We pay for it. I don’t summon to make a revolution. Instead, I think it’s our responsibility to try the new products and access them. We tried Bitcoin and became impressed, and now we can try Cryptonote/Bytecoin. And probably we’ll be impressed more.
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Re: Cryptonote: Huge jump to the future.

Postby tramp » Thu Apr 17, 2014 11:33 am

I’m proponent of evolution, not revolution. And if dev propose us to make a revolution in the world – I’m off.
It can be true that we’re standing near the discovery of new principles of economy. But for me personally there are many things I don’t understand. First of all how can business work correctly with all this anonymity and would taxes still exist or they will be in donation)
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Re: Cryptonote: Huge jump to the future.

Postby Lost my passwords » Wed Jun 11, 2014 3:39 am

Most certainly it is a huge jump. What kind of future does anyone see this fitting into?

I would imagine one heavily reliant on cryptography and advanced software solutions to problems that were originally solved my immense track-and-distribute measures that have become more or less heavily abused. They were effective until our abilities outpaced the extent of the methodology .. a fantastic example of mastery to its fullest extent; however, it's time to broaden the horizon.

Adoption is the first significant step into that future. This is a tough question for a lot of people. What is it that they're adopting if they've never heard of it before? For those who do adopt it, what is it that they are marketing for adoption? These questions can only be built in small pieces until they start to make sense.

Anyone looking to market this to a friend will very soon be able to easily demonstrate its capabilities easily with GUI enhanced environments .. that are cross platform. Depending on the interests of the person, they may now verify transactions on both their GPU and CPU. They may now trade the units on publicly available and accessible exchanges. They can receive information about the currency directly to their phone, and will also very soon be able to conduct transactions from a phone.

The potential adopters are listening, more and more intently, and becoming greater in number, as the tools of mass adoption begin to surface on the horizon. Implied ownership, familiarity, ease of use, great long-term benefits, small investments of time for big rewards and the feeling of a shared vision are major driving factors in adoption. Not every single one of those needs a vastly innovative solution. Sometimes, it's just going to have to be offered in the same package as everything else that has been adopted .. slowly and consistently.
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