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CryptoNote Reference Code Update 1.0.2

Postby Catherine_Erwin » Thu Apr 23, 2015 5:34 pm

CryptoNote reference code release notes 1.0.2

- Multisignature with API

Multisignatures provides user with a possibility to create an address associated with several (M) owners. In order to access funds on this address one would have to provide N (of M) signatures under the different keys. It also enables convenient way to create trustless services such as escrow (2 of 3 sigs) or web-wallet (2-of-2).

- Low level API

Updated Low level API provides users with a possibility to easily operate a transaction creation process: select inputs for a transaction, contains various methods for transaction signing.

- High level API improvements

This update have increased the modularity of high level API. It is now separated in three different modules: INode, IWallet and ITransaction. API is now much faster and much more stable than before, supports ordinary and multisignatures transactions.

- Updated block reward scheme

Before this update penalty was imposed only to block reward and now it’s imposed to both block reward and commission.

- Dynamic maximum block size limit

This feature was introduced to protect blockchain from bloating.

- Instant transaction pool notifications

Instant transaction pool notifications provide user with a possibility to find out their locked amount as soon as transaction is sent, not when it is included into the block.

- Transaction priority based on tx fee

Bitcoin-like feature, the more your commission is the faster your transaction will be included into the block.

- Transactions are returned from tx pools after 24 hours

To ensure that transaction pool won’t bloat out of proportion, all transactions that has been in the tx pool for 24h (and were not included into any block) will be removed and funds returned to the owners.

- Fully refactored simplewallet

New version of simplewallet, built on updated High level API - serves as a showcase of what new API can do.

- Transaction history for simplewallet

Updated transaction history for simplewallet, now it shows much more information about the transaction you’ve sent, such as: fee, block index, unlock time, timestamp etc.

- Reset command for simplewallet

Reset command allows user to reload the data from a Node. This will allow users to unlock their outputs in case their transaction wasn’t included into the block and was sent back to them.

- Faster wallet refresh

Faster communications between wallet and daemon. Including faster synchronization with daemon and other various improvements.

- Further optimization in daemon RAM consumption

This update brings less RAM consumption to CryptoNote. Now users will be able to start CryptoNote-forked coins even on a low RAM PCs’ without any difficulties.

- Config and CryptoNote forking how-to update

More detailed and comprehensive instructions on how to fork CryptoNote, establish a config that is the most suitable for you and finally launch your CryptoNote currency.
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