CryptoNote reference code release notes 1.1.0

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CryptoNote reference code release notes 1.1.0

Postby Catherine_Erwin » Fri Sep 18, 2015 2:03 pm

CryptoNote reference code release notes 1.1.0

- Reference CryptoNote RPC Wallet
RPC Wallet makes an interaction between CryptoNote coins' network and third-party applications and services easier. Now any cryptocurrency forked from CryptoNote repository will be armed with the flexible and friendly solution for the merchants, who want to accept payments in CryptoNotes.

- Aggregate multi-addresses
With this feature, CryptoNote RPC wallet provides services with a possibility to create a branch of addresses to easily differentiate users keeping their identities private and safe. Addresses are created with a common and unique parts. The common part allows for checking all addresses simultaneously, meaning that blockchain should be checked only once while the unique part allows to identify the user.
More details could be found here:

- Fusion transactions (Wallet outputs optimization)
Fusion Transactions is s a fee-free money transaction to yourself running in the background. It provides users with a possibility to automatically optimize accounts and have a few large outputs instead of numerous small ones. Besides increasing convenience, such optimization also increases the privacy level of the wallet owner.
Details on how it works in Bytecoin:

- Real-time transactions pool synchronization
Due to the implementation of this feature, all CryptoNote network nodes will have similar unconfirmed transactions lists. For a user it means that the majority of transactions will be processed in time needed to find one block.

- Network-wide real-time transactions synchronization
This feature allows CryptoNote nodes to synchronize the transaction pools (transactions that are not in blocks yet) network-wide. It improves network stability by addressing multiple sophisticated cases for newly created transactions.

- Instant transaction notifications
Instant transactions notification allows users to see incoming money transfers before the transaction gets into the blockchain.

- Daemon refactoring and optimization
- Full network layer refactoring
- High-level API update
- Improved console logging

Also, we have updated CryptoNote Starter so it corresponds the latest version of the reference code.
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