Error is this normal?

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Error is this normal?

Postby donovansly » Mon Oct 05, 2015 10:02 pm

2015-Oct-05 16:58:56.590936 [P2P1]ERROR /root/piratecoin/contrib/epee/include/net/levin_protocol_handler_async.h:440 [ INC]Signature mismatch, connection will be closed
2015-Oct-05 17:00:57.141387 [P2P9]ERROR /root/piratecoin/contrib/epee/include/net/levin_protocol_handler_async.h:440 [ INC]Signature mismatch, connection will be closed

This is the console before the error
2015-Oct-05 17:01:16.421234 Starting...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:16.422202 piratecoin v1.0.2.1()
2015-Oct-05 17:01:16.422484 Module folder: ./piratecoind
2015-Oct-05 17:01:16.425555 Initializing p2p server...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:16.426229 Binding on
2015-Oct-05 17:01:16.426509 Net service binded on
2015-Oct-05 17:01:16.426580 Attempting to add IGD port mapping.
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.431938 No IGD was found.
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.432389 P2p server initialized OK
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.432630 Initializing cryptonote protocol...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.432859 Cryptonote protocol initialized OK
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.433032 Initializing core rpc server...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.433200 Binding on
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.433527 Core rpc server initialized OK on port: 18236
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.433722 Initializing core...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.435065 Loading blockchain...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.435391 - loading block index...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.435585 - loading transaction map...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.435750 - loading spend keys...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.435882 - loading outputs...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.436058 - loading multi-signature outputs...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.436245 Blockchain initialized. last block: 0, d1188.h16.m1.s20 time ago, current difficulty: 1
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.436463 Core initialized OK
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.436706 Starting core rpc server...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.436852 Run net_service loop( 2 threads)...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.437181 [SRV_MAIN]Core rpc server started ok
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.437348 [SRV_MAIN]Starting p2p net loop...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:20.437527 [SRV_MAIN]Run net_service loop( 10 threads)...
2015-Oct-05 17:01:21.437721 [P2P0]
The daemon will start synchronizing with the network. It may take up to several hours.

You can set the level of process detailization* through "set_log <level>" command*, where <level> is between 0 (no details) and 4 (very verbose).

Use "help" command to see the list of available commands.

Note: in case you need to interrupt the process, use "exit" command. Otherwise, the current progress won't be saved.
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Re: Error is this normal?

Postby Clever Crypto » Wed Oct 07, 2015 4:43 pm

Actually it's not clear whether it's ok or not from you log. It could be normal as well as not normal. Usually, it's ok in case if daemon tried to connect not with another daemon but something else
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