I do not want to load the blockchain!

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I do not want to load the blockchain!

Postby bleachhun » Sun Dec 27, 2015 11:49 pm

Already thousands of times I was run. I always get to the Block chain can not load. What is wrong? I always regenerates but you have to go anyway. Please help :(

23:22:57.926171 INFO Blockchain not loaded, generating genesis block.
23:22:58.223839 ERROR Coinbase transaction doesn't use full amount of block reward: spent 0.004294967295, block reward is 70.368744177663
23:22:58.224203 INFO Block <e961f512fef032444a4dcfe394f7e7a696932cebc7d04a8f3c39b527cba6b0c3> has invalid miner transaction
23:22:58.224627 ERROR Failed to add genesis block to blockchain
23:22:58.224929 ERROR Failed to initialize blockchain storage
23:22:58.225236 ERROR Failed to initialize core
23:22:58.225624 INFO Mining has been stopped, 0 finished
SwappedVector cache hits: 0, misses: 0 (-nan%)

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