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Pebblecoin [XPB]

Postby riversong » Thu Feb 19, 2015 2:22 pm


We are glad to present you new CryptoNote coin - Pebblecoin (XPB).

Windows 64-bit: ...
Linux 64-bit: ... ar.gz?dl=0


Pool Website:
Windows Stand-Alone Miner: ... d.exe?dl=0
Linux Stand-Alone Miner:

Miner Source:

IRC:, #pebblecoin

TOTAL CURRENT COINS: Available at this link.
At Block 3600 (End of Day 5): ~78 XPBs
At Block 6480 (End of Day 9): ~758 XPBs
At Block 9360 (End of Day 13): 6,771.0 XPBs
At Block 12240 (End of Day 17): ~61,000 XPBs
At Block 15120 (End of Day 21): ~550,000 XPBs, start of regular 300/block emission
At Block 21900 (End of Month 1): ~2,600,000 XPBs, 300/block
At Block 43800 (End of Month 2): ~9,150,000 XPBs, 300/block
At Block 262800 (End of Month 12): ~74,900,000 XPBs, 300/block
At Block 788400 (End of Month 36): ~232,500,000 XPBs, start of 200/block emission
At Block 1576800 (End of Month 72): ~390,000,000 XPBs, start of 100/block emission
At Block 2365200 (End of Month 108): ~469,000,000 XPBs, end block emission
TOTAL COINS: 469,058,239.919948161 XPBs

Pebblecoin (XPB) is a cryptonote based coin with improvements and changes in some areas, and the promise of development in others. I invite developers to work on this technology with me. There is no premine, any tips or support of any developer including myself will be completely voluntary. These are the following areas which I have determined needs changes/updates:
I welcome suggestions, and am interested what else I can try to improve.

1) New Mining algorithm (active)

A mining algorithm is either susceptible to ASIC development or to being botnetted, meaning it is either more efficient to have a centralized mining entity (as is the case with bitcoin) or to have an algorithm that requires a real CPU, in which case botnets become very attractive. To my knowledge there does not exist a blockchain that attempts to solve both problems, by having an algorithm that only works on a general purpose computer and is difficult to botnet. Cryptonote coins currently are primarily mined with botnets.

Boulderhash is a new mining algorithm requiring 13 GB RAM, nearly eliminating all possible zombie (botnet controlled) computers from mining. Most infected computers in the world do not have 13 GB available, so an algorithm that requires that much RAM severely limits the productivity of a botnet. 13 GB also makes ASICs cost prohibitive, and the current GPUs do not have that much RAM. What's left is general purpose computers as was the original intent of bitcoin's mining process.

2) Distribution of coins (active)

It is very common in the launch of a new cryptocurrency the distribution algorithm heavily is weighted towards the very early adopters. Such distribution is designed to give a massive advantage to people who are fully prepared to mine at launch, with a very large difference shortly after sometimes a few days later. If the point of mining is to both secure the network and fairly distribute coins a gradual build up of rewards makes more sense, with no drop off in mining rewards. At a standard block reward of 300, at launch each block will reward 0.3 coins leading up to 3, 30, and finally the standard reward of 300 which will be the standard unchanging reward from that point. It will take approximately 3 weeks for the block reward of 300 to be reached.

3) GUI Software (active)

There are no current cryptonote coins that have a downloadable GUI, which makes the user experience much worse than that of bitcoin. It is hard to achieve signficant adoption with a command line interface. The very first update had the exact GUI written for bitcoin fully working with Pebblecoin. The GUI was released on Jan 19, before the full 300 XPB reward was awarded for winning the block.

4) IRC Chat support embedded in Client GUI (active)

For user support, and to talk to core developers message boards such as Bitcointalk and reddit are primarily used. I have embedded an IRC client in the GUI and be available at set hours for any kind of support.

5) Address aliasing (to be worked on)

Just as a user visiting google does not need to know the ip address, similarly an address should have the ability to have an associated userid. If I ask a friend to send me pebblecoins it would be easier to tell him send it to @myuserid rather than a very long address or scanning a QR code. There should be a way of registering a userid on the blockchain that will permanently translate to a pebblecoin address
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Re: Pebblecoin [XPB]

Postby Catherine_Erwin » Fri Feb 20, 2015 3:28 pm

Thank you for submitting your coin!
Could you provide us with its logo so we can add it to the CryptoNote's coins page?
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Re: Pebblecoin [XPB]

Postby Catherine_Erwin » Tue Feb 24, 2015 3:01 pm

XPB has been announced as a CryptoNote currency:
We will add Pebblecoin logo as soon as you submit it.
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