Seeking partner for a new Cryptonote coin.

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Seeking partner for a new Cryptonote coin.

Postby Achille » Sun Oct 04, 2015 12:45 am


I'm seeking a core developer for a new altcoin project.
The project is already well shaped. We have Android and iOS apps, promotional videos, translations... Basically everything is ready up to the announcement text. There's more or less one year of work behind this.
From a promotional point of view the project may be one of the most sophisticated altcoin created. From a technical point of view we're not looking to create something new or very innovative. What we need is reliability. Algo will be Cryptonight or Scrypt. You will have to fork compile and lead the launch. Windows and mac wallet + basic services explorer. The previous dev got a new job in the software industry and had to leave.

If you would like some captures and a more detailed presentation, including more infos on your personal role and reward, please do not hesitate to write to ;

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