RPC json gettransaction Information

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RPC json gettransaction Information

Postby DATAFLEX » Mon Jun 06, 2016 6:03 pm

I created my access to RPC json Daemon and gateway Walletd, using the information https://wiki.bytecoin.org/wiki/Bytecoin_RPC_Wallet most of things working also with standard Cryptonote 1.1.1...

I think to have solved 90% problems, now I have gateway wallet serve working good with main address and additional addrss everybody can create... Using the documentation here https://wiki.bytecoin.org/wiki/Bytecoin ... ON_RPC_API

I now able via json to get all transaction informations when they are started by the Main Walletd Address (walletd).
I now able to read all informations about blockchain explorer (daemon)
I still have one information that cannot get
GetTransation information when it is done by a Transfer between two external Wallets out or Main server gatewayt Wallet (walletd)
Walletd json api have a getransaction but when I try to read it using the TransactionHash it say Object not found.
The same function give back all information is TransactionHash was generate beetween main address Walletd and some other address internal or esternal of walletd...

I know that all informations are on the blockchain explorer clcking on the transaction gui wallet I can get this informations

Status: 8590 confirmations
Date: 25-05-16 16:05
To: me (YwzssLqTtqZejmipqYoK5yAoCgtcQVZ3B7EU1BPqvdD18V3JF5RahB5Pt1G4FAWa6AfucaGCpfcc8eJXbVPGsoNj1sGy2K5kD)
Amount: 100.00 DCY
Fee: 0.001 DCY
Transaction hash: B40677D16465EB531F26BB87015D4D0BA0BD4459BBB81A7B88EE4D3DF08C0127

but if I try get information using gettransaction json wallet api using this hash B40677D16465EB531F26BB87015D4D0BA0BD4459BBB81A7B88EE4D3DF08C0127 it say object not found

So asking some Suggestion to know which Json Api can be used in this case

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