Coin succesfully compiled....onto the next step!

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Coin succesfully compiled....onto the next step!

Postby bitcoindelivery » Mon Feb 15, 2016 8:33 pm

Hello all, i'm totally new on the forum but i'm really happy to be there!!
I want to thank you for the big help received in terms of references and documentation figuring out the whole process of coin creation, thanks to this all goes well!
i'm totally newbie about coin creation.....then i decided to try, started to code and compile my first own coin only for testing and also if i'm not able to write in c++, i was able to drive through the whole process and succesfully compiled my coin.
I have my GENESIS_COINBASE_TX_HEX, i have succesfully recompiled all...and now the big question is: what's the next step?
I have to build a QT-walllet? How can i try to mine my own coin?
Any help/suggestion on how to move forward is strongly appreciated
Thanks again!
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Re: Coin succesfully compiled....onto the next step!

Postby *tech_star* » Thu Feb 18, 2016 11:43 am

In order to mine you can launch two daemons locally, visit this topic to know more:
Then, yes, you can use simplewallet. And mine your coin via simplewallet. If you want, you sure can built a QT as well and use it instead of simplewallet.
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