Exception in connectionHandler

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Exception in connectionHandler

Postby DATAFLEX » Thu Jun 23, 2016 10:04 am

I starting the blockchain and currenclty there is 10 people that are started the daemong for mining and there is 2 seed nodes
everything wok fine the coin are generated but any time a new Computer start to mining it appear this message that is repeated more time

Code: Select all
10:42:47.471775 WARNING [ OUT] Exception in connectionHandler: TcpConnection::read, WSAGetOverlappedResult failed, result=10054, Connessione in corso interrotta forzatamente dall'host remoto.

there are similar messages for different IP
I don't know this messages is generated also for other PCs that are connected but this PC after can found blocks so it mean that the connection is done.

Maybe this messages are generated during the Client Daemon sincronization?

can you explain
thank you
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