Block found with invalid time stamp

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Block found with invalid time stamp

Postby DATAFLEX » Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:33 pm

Hello I have found a strange problem
some of my miner found a block with invalid time stamp

2016-Jun-30 01:06:28.248064 INFO [miner] Found block for difficulty: 26037
2016-Jun-30 01:06:28.263074 INFO [Blockchain] Timestamp of block with id: <2d15126545c0795c10da570f4b10fd4fb00edfd7520b82f0f9c1d98ac57c669e>, 1467237954, less than median of last 60 blocks, 1467239306
2016-Jun-30 01:06:28.278585 INFO [Blockchain] Block <2d15126545c0795c10da570f4b10fd4fb00edfd7520b82f0f9c1d98ac57c669e> has invalid timestamp: 1467237954
2016-Jun-30 01:06:28.350132 ERROR [core] mined block failed verification

any idea why this error can happen and how I can avoid it on the future?
this is first time happen blockchain index currently is + 40.000

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