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QuazarCoin [QCN]

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QuazarCoin (QCN) is a new cryptocurrency based on the CryptoNote and uses the CryptoNight algorithm. It means that QuazarCoin is fully ASIC-resistant and only CPU-mineable.
Our main concern is usability optimization.

QCN was launched 5/8/2014.

* CryptoNight PoW algorithm
* 120 sec blocks
* Difficulty retargets every block
* Total coins supply: ~18,446,744
* Confirms: 60
* Block reward decreases according to the formula (264 - 1 - A)*2-21*10-12, where A = supply mined to date
* Emission curve 21 with 120 seconds block responds
* Flatter emission curve is similar Bitcoin, 50% QCN will be emitted in 6 years (see the chart)
* Optimized mining hash rate from the 1st second of launch

(emission curve)

All instructions are located in binaries - use 'Read Me' file.

Win 32
Win 64
Mac OS X

Fast miner includes in the binaries.
MAC version is OS X 10.9, for others will be coming soon.


Blockchain.bin for Win 64

Just download and move it to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Roaming\Quazarcoin (don't forget to change the username to your username)

Blockchain.bin for Mac OS X
Blockchain.bin for Linux

Just download and move it to ~/.quazarcoin/


Video guide for installing QCN daemon and wallet. The 6 step tutorial for Win 64
QuazarCoin recipes for brewing on Mac OS X 10.9



Vote for QCN on the Cryptsy

Vote for QCN on the SwissCex
Vote for QCN on the AllCoin
Vote for QCN on the Comkort

OTC exchange and trading thread (closed)


QCNPool (1% fee)
Site & Mac OS X GUI miner & How-To & dev's contacts

QCN MinerGate pool
Site & the Bitcointalk thread & the easiest way to mine Quazarcoin

QCN Chinese Pool (3% fee)

QCN Webcoin Pool (2% fee)
Site & dev's contacts

QCN Extreme Pool (2% fee)
Site & the Bitcointalk thread & dev's contacts

QCN Minin.Gs Pool (1% fee)
Site & the Bitcointalk thread & dev's contacts

QCN HashInvest Pool (1% fee) - CPU & GPU mining
Site & instructions for Linux, Windows and Mac & dev's contacts

QCN Cryptity Pool (0.5% fee)
Site & dev's contacts

QCN Ext-Pool (0% fee)
Site & CPU-Cloud site


by MinerGate
by Cryptostats

Logo 64x64
Logo 256x256
Logo 512x512




Coin Market Cap
CPU Coin List
Crypto Coins Table


QuazarCoin maintains its users. Do you want to receive some QCN? Take part in our giveaway!

All you have to do is to write about QuazarCoin in any social network or leave a comment on one of the forums, and then let us know.

There is a special form for your convenience. Simply complete it and then receive your QCN.

I believe that cryptocurrency with the CryptoNight algorithm will have a great future, and our market is for everyone. QuazarCoin was launched after discussion in the community, without premine or instamine.

I will make everything for the QuazarCoin developing and zooming.

If you want to help with the design, marketing, development or anything else, write me in this thread.

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