Proposal: CN User Group Discussion Forum (1. draft)

General discussion of CryptoNote based currencies and issues.

Proposal: CN User Group Discussion Forum (1. draft)

Postby Karl Koch » Mon Jun 02, 2014 3:36 pm

I would like to offer to develope an concept, setup and operate an web-based CryptoNote User Forum, with an strong focus on serious, fact-based discussions - about the whole CN plattform - and activly encouraging the forum community to colloborate on developing and improving the ecosystem around the CryptoNote-technology.

The goal is to create an active online user community for CryptoNote, that generates additional value for CN users, CN devs (less support work) and everyone being open minded an interested in CryptoNote and its Philosophy around it.

Obvious an well managed community plattform, for the CN user community to meet virtually with e.g. scientists and researchers to share papers, ask and answer serious questions, and find collaborators would be an huge booster for CN developement and huge asset in the competion with other serious Crypto-Currencies or it's power and resistance against bad actors and enemies pro-active working against CryptoNotes philosophy and technology.

I can build such an plattform, together with the community. I have an substantial practical background and know-how in successful "creation & managment of communitys" online. I was involved building and management of four big and active web boards with an satisfied, friendly user-base. Where we could create an envrioment of colloboration of users on- and offline, and the reaching the goal of creating additional benefits for everybody by systematically managing the community.
(I also did some academic research on creating active social network for scientist and in was part in an consulting project for an big european goverment on "How to create succesfull regional science and startup clusters in general and concrete for Biotech and Synthetics".) If there are still doubts about my qualification, I can give more details about my past work and expierences (here in this thread later) or show some concrete references in privacy to members of the CN core team.

Forum philosophy
The proposed new website is a open forum for the discussion of CryptoNotes technology and philosophy, related crypto-currencies, the underlaying protocols and primitives both from a design and cryptanalytic standpoint. Appropriate postings will relate to both theoretical and real-world applications of and attacks against both well-known and new protocols and primitives. Discussions of politics and laws pertaining to cryptography are also appropriate, provided they remain on topic and realistic.

Basic guidelines to create quality content and debate culture
- everybody is encouraged to create quality content and focussing serious and professional discussion
- ideal: every posting should add something meaningful to community and its shared knowledge
- all off-topic postings will be deleted, 100%
- all low-content, troll-postings, FUD will be instantly deleted
- all board user accounts adding nothing to the community (inactive or posting forbidden content) will be deleted
- no personal attacks
- strict rules (style guidelines for postings, signatures, avatars, ..., rules on which technical terms to use or how threads have to be named an or what qualifies for an new thread, ...)
- 100% no discussion with posters/accounts that fully disapprove CryptoNotes vision or predict ensure and project failure
(e.g. "most average people don't want a crypto-currency that offers financial privacy because they have nothing to hide" or "US goverment wont allow such a coin to emerge/be traded ...)
- all postings should be polite, non-personal and contain no defamatory or derogatory comments or foul language
- no "Coin Y vs. Coin Z" trash-talking threads
- no discussion of potential usage of CN or related coins in serious crimes on- and offline
(drugs, weapon, extortion, murder4hire, child porn) ; this includes: no discussion with accounts claiming scientific or journalistig research on these topics
- no elitism vs. other inferior coins or coins clearly focussing an totally different approach, that maybe is not shared by CN community
- focus on content creating (e.g. bounties for code, awards for best posting of the week or months, Education section within the forum with workshop-like threads with an weekly changing lecturer out of the community presenting his unique research on an current topic or technology basics ..., active collaboration inside the community, pooling of ressources, rewarding user level system that values good postings)
- controversial views without cititation or proof can and will be deleted
- no repeating of arguments that rebutted and disapproved by consensus of the community
- no announcing or marketing of projects with no relation to CN (no exception)
- no bias benefiting an CN-based coin, forum will be really independet and neutral
- no elitsim and arrogance vs. academics, but also: no elitsim and arrogance vs. non-academics
(the goal is to have on healthy and inspiring community; respect other opinions and interests inside the CN community)
- no marketing or commercial benefiting postings (including footnotes, signatures, ...)
- all postings must be in English, so everybody can participate
- everyone has an equal voice and all posts will be approved as long as they post within the bounds of this charter
- only announcements about Open Source tools that are bound by a license defined by the OSI ( or no license at all will be approved
- discussions about the merits or experiences of specific commercial tools or services (e.g. commecial anti privacy services) or current regulation discussions and events are allowed but should be conducted objectively (only write about this stuff if your posting can help CN, CN devs or its users)
- advisories of vulnerabilities in other coins, software products or web applications are allowed
(but stay reasonable with your posting)
- dont make your private wars/vendettas part of CNs community/forum
- no postings about your personal involvement or (alleged) participation of another CN member in attacks vs. other coins or projects or serious crimes
- no deanonymization of any account or persons, that tried to act anonym (no matter what really bad they did or did not)
- obligation for every member to do his own research, so an high level of quality postings and professional competence can be achieved and expected from others (no absolutely beginner questions, no questions about topics that are fully discussed on, no questions that can be answered with an basic Google query, dont waste the time of the community with requests/questions/distraction of any things that only you are benefiting from, dont exploit helpful members with work you could create/solve/finish yourself)
- only posts in text will be approved (No HTML)
- no meme postings, no scene jargon (e.g "to da moon", "goxxed", ...)
- postings regarding crypto-currencies of both known and new cryptographic protocols and primitives are acceptable
- questions regarding the mathematics behind cryptography, as long as the questions pertain specifically to the application of the mathematics to cryptography are acceptable
- description of new protocols, primitives, and attacks are acceptable. (includes posting of links to papers, journals, books or postings covering these areas)
- announcements of upcoming conferences or events centred on cryptography are acceptable
Legal/regulatory concerns, domestic and international are acceptable.
- any type of other business, social or private advertisements are NOT acceptable
- forbidden is: any kind of trading, IPOs or share selling of anything
- moderator has sole and full discretion over what is appropriate content and what is not. We reserve the right to reject any posting however in general all posts will be approved as long as they post within the bounds of our rules

Conflict resolution
From time to time people may feel that a post was either approved that shouldn't have been or a post was not approved that should have been. The appropriate way to deal with all moderation and board management issues is to:

1. Refer to the guideline.
2. If you still feel a mistake has been made then you should contact an moderator of your choice and explain your concerns and discuss the issue
(you won't receive any kind of unfair treatment, these rules are not made to bully users, they are part of the projects quality management)

Community Management - Philosophy and Principials
- CryptoNote core team members have the right to remove any content, they identified as harming the project or distracting or misinformating the community or general public on the forum
- community-driven, leaderless project managed by community votings/consensus (no real life identity will be linked to operating the board)
- all rules will be enforced against any account violating them (meaning e.g. moderators or long time respected contributors will get the same punishment for an violation as new accounts)
- accounts not adding any useful input to the community will be deleted
- later there will be subforums/private sections on the forum, that are only available for people that are qualifying giving some hard requirements and other sections that can only be joined via admission and the approvement of the members of this user-/workgroup
- rules can change every-time, if they turn be inactive or can be approved (to improve
- old posts stay editable, users are encouraged to improve them later (giving new facts or after errors are identified later)
- there will be no account reg fee, no advertisement logos/flash ads/banners ever
- there will be selective mandatory tasks or requests, that require all members to act (like an participating a voting or filling out a new added text-box in their user profile)
- common bad behaviour that is accepted at other crypto-currency forums wont be tolerated

Other characteristics undecided
Q1: allowing of copyright violations of academic literature?
Q2: what type of hosting should be choosen (clearnet first world provider, clearnet offshore provider, established clearnet bulletproof provider/crime hoster, TOR Hidden Service, I2P, any kind of combinations with proxies and reverse proxies, ...)
Q3: allowing members to use their real names/identities or should the (board) community be anon like the CN core team
Q4: reusing of scene pseudonyms out of CN (should users use the same pseudo they have on others boards, is it forbidden to use the same pseudo as on other boards or no strict regarding this question)
Q5: which forum software system to use (SMF vs. VB vs. Discourse vs. Pligg ...)
Q6: which 2FA login solution to support (PGP login, SSL cert login, YubiKey, GAuth ...)
Q7: allowing verified accounts to act as official "speaker" for an CN based coin?
Q8: level XMPP integration to support secure and fast messanging and networking between the different users of the give community

Users and devs should brainstorm and decided together on the questions.

This is enough know, you get an idea of, what I am offering to contribute to CN. Remember, most rules can be changed or be removed, if the community reaches consensus how a change could benefit CN.

To make it clear: my offer is to methodicaly develop and establish an active web-based CN user community, that create unique value for its members and the whole project. Starting with an serious, neutral CN forum and developing from their.

The approach would be: 1.) Using proven successful community development strategies. 2.) And applying continual improvement process as management tool, with the permanent question : who can we improve the user satisfaction with community and the high level of quality postings.

Sorry for releasing just a rough draft. If some positive feedback is posted by the devs and the community, I will continue with this "project idea" and really finish the concept/rules and guidelines giving your feedback and ideas.

- I am not available to supporting an general, mainstream web forum related to CN, like e.g., or Where every silliness, scam and FUD is allowed and the board if full of low content, misinformation, 100 price speculations threads, general off-topic, ...
- I am not part of any CN-based crypto-currency coin team or community.
- I am holding 60 MRO & no other CN-based coin. If this raises bias concern, I would sell them. I am really intrested in helping CN, not pushing any specific derivate.
Karl Koch
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Re: Proposal: CN User Group Discussion Forum (1. draft)

Postby Catherine_Erwin » Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:32 am

Thank you for the valuable proposal!
Could you send us an email to so that we could discuss the details?
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