Links for cited papers in the White Paper

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Links for cited papers in the White Paper

Postby Lost my passwords » Fri Jun 13, 2014 1:38 pm

After about the 14th citation in the whitepaper, there's no links. I found most of them are available for free online, maybe two are not. Here is the list with links that are easily clickable and in line with the citations as presented in the white paper so that anyone that wants to learn/understand can easily do so.


2. - dead link


4. - (an actual citation crediting gmaxwell in their paper ;) )




8. - dead link


10. - dead link





15. Moderately hard, memory-bound functions

16. Ad-hoc-group signatures from hi-jacked keypairs

17. Short linkable ring signatures revisited

18. High-speed high-security signatures

19. Group signatures

20. Exponential memory-bound functions for proof of work protocols - I like this one the best so far by a lot .. I think it opens the idea well that a PoW protocol can be adapted to much more than just a currency implementation .. and using PoS as a messaging system will have a lot of trouble preventing spam without a PoW (favoring hybrid systems)

21. Proofs of partial knowledge and simpli ed design of witness hiding protocols

22. On memory-bound functions for fighting spam - another nice one

23. Sub-linear size traceable ring signatures without random oracles (free account required?)

24. Traceable ring signature

25. Peer review of "quantitative analysis of the full bitcoin transaction graph"

26. Linkable spontaneous anonymous group signature for ad hoc groups

27. Linkable ring signatures: Security models and new schemes (abstract only - pay article)

28. Zerocoin: Anonymous distributed e-cash from bitcoin

29. Structure and anonymity of the bitcoin transaction graph

30. Universal electronic cash

31. The bitcoin transaction graph | anonymity - awesome thesis

32. Stronger key derivation via sequential memory-hard functions

33. An analysis of anonymity in the bitcoin system

34. How to leak a secret - Very nice rundown of what a ring signature is

35. Quantitative analysis of the full bitcoin transaction graph

36. Analysis of hashrate-based double-spending

37. Rational points on certain hyperelliptic curves over finite fields

38. Ad hoc group signatures
(abstract only - pay article)

Lastly, here's a pastebin link of all of these:
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