New Bytecoin Release 1.0.8 introduces fusion transactions

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New Bytecoin Release 1.0.8 introduces fusion transactions

Postby ullo » Fri Aug 28, 2015 1:11 pm

On August 27, we have updated Bytecoin to version 1.0.8. This version includes update of Bytecoin Wallet that enables Fusion Transactions that were announced previously. What's more, the updated Reference Client features a number of optimizations and improvements based on your feedback.

Fusion Transactions provide users with possibility to automatically optimize their accounts. The optimization process runs in background, and it is easy to launch by ticking a single box in the settings.

This optimization will be useful for those users whose Bytecoins are split in multiple small outputs. Such situation might occur if, for example, one receives large numbers of tips to the account or uses pool, which transfers money to the user in multiple small payments (e.g. earlier versions of open source CryptoNote pools). Besides increasing convenience, such optimization will also improve the privacy level of the wallet owner.

Technically, optimization is a fee-free money transaction to yourself such that the number of outputs becomes less while the outputs themselves grow larger. Such a transactions is called Fusion Transaction. If optimization process is on, the wallet will automatically select the outputs that should be fused.

At the moment, only closed beta version of the latest Bytecoin Wallet is available. If you want to participate in account optimization testing, we can provide you with Wallet with Fusion Transaction enabled. To obtain the wallet please contact us, and we will send You the link for download.

In addition to new type of transactions, this update contains other improvements:
1) Instant transactions notification is now available for Wallets connected to remote daemons
2) Reset feature for Bytecoin Wallet to resync your wallet data from the blockchain
3) IWallet High-Level API has been significantly updated
4) JSON RPC interface improvements for Bytecoin Reference Client and RPC Wallet
5) The sync process of Bytecoin Wallet on OS X has been improved.

The latest Bytecoin Reference Client and RPC Wallet version can be found on our website. To obtain beta version of Bytecoin Wallet, please contact us.
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