Moneta Verde Wallet-Cannot Connect to Peers

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Moneta Verde Wallet-Cannot Connect to Peers

Postby spatzel » Mon Jan 11, 2016 10:04 am


I've been trying to set up my Moneta Verde wallet. I've been following the directions from here:

When I start the Moneta Verde Daemon, I get the following error: Failed to connect to any of seed peers

I tried to find an example of what a .config file should look like (so I could add some peers) but I couldn't find anything online.

Could someone please help me get this set up?

PS- The directions on the link mention downloading and running the BCN/MRO/QCN daemons in addition to the Moneta Verde daemon. Does anyone know why? I haven't been able to track down the binaries for the above mentioned.

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Re: Moneta Verde Wallet-Cannot Connect to Peers

Postby *tech_star* » Mon Jan 18, 2016 10:48 am

You know, MonetaVerde could be dead, you should research the issue. Are their topics alive?
Is admin responsive?
The topic you gave a link to is about merged mining settings, so you could theoretically mine Moneta alongside with with BCN/MRO/QCN, but if the coin dead, this feature is not supported, of course.
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