When the Rice harvester spare parts

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When the Rice harvester spare parts

Postby chancyhuang7 » Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:30 am

When the Rice harvester spare parts Mashco use terms such as sawnawle or pyosematanu, Ponciano, who is also a govt protection agent, requests the community’s seniors for help. Those words—“banana” and “gutting a fish”—are paranta and pshigichkaganro in today’s Yine.

At least one phrase is still same, though: “Mashco.” It indicates “wild ones” or “savages.” As one might expect, the Mashco don’t contact themselves Mashco harvester cutter knife. They choose the phrase “Nomole,” which indicates “brothers” or “countrymen” in both contemporary and mature Yine.
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