What crypto offers the most anonimity?

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What crypto offers the most anonimity?

Postby cat » Mon May 19, 2014 1:22 pm

Hi, I think the most important feature on a cryptocurrency is anonimity. I think that was how Bitcoin was originally intended, of course, now everyone know's it's not as anonymous. So the alternative that offers the highest level of anonimity and untreaceability is a good investment in my eyes. Im an investor mostly, but I do care about the tech of the coin in investing in, and I want to find out what coin has the best developers and best outcome in your opinion.

If you were to bet money on the following cryptos, what one would choose and why?


Darkcoin seems like the leading anon alternative to crypto. The question, is it the most technically advanced with the best devs? In the long run that's what matters.

Bytecoin, we have the ring signature tech which (if I understood it correctly) it's more secure than Darkcoin's masternodes. But the thing is, Darkcoin will implement Bytecoin's technology on it, plus Bytecoin is already 80% mined.

Would you put any money on any of the forks? (Monero, Fantom or Quazar)

Then we have Anoncoin which may implement Zerocoin

Then Zerocash. Im not too fond about someone owning that key that allows for double spending and so on. Trusting a third party seems like jokes to me.

I hope you guys that are more tech oriented and not finances oriented can help me a bit on my investment for the future for long term.

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Re: What crypto offers the most anonimity?

Postby johannes.meier » Tue May 20, 2014 6:19 pm

Actually we are not able to provide you with any advices regarding crypto-investment. You may find all the relevant information on the particular currency's thread.

I suggest you'd check a recent fruitful discussion on CryptoNote/Darkcoin/Zerocash comparison: https://forum.cryptonote.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=18

At the moment it is unclear whether Darkcoin team could easiry implement CryptoNote's ring signature. This feature is quite a sophisticated one and requires a lot of code refactoring should it be added to a Bitcoin fork. The process may actually take up to a year and even longer. As for Zerocash, we're unable to provide a meaningful answer until it's released.
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Re: What crypto offers the most anonimity?

Postby dashcoins.net » Sun Apr 05, 2015 8:23 am

The anonymity factor is the main consideration with darkcoin and dashcoin. See http://dashcoins.net
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