What is the supply of coins?

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What is the supply of coins?

Postby prestotron » Fri Jun 19, 2015 11:48 pm

By default, what is the supply of coins. In the forking guide it said to do this:

const uint64_t MONEY_SUPPLY = (uint64_t)(-1);

And it said that (uint64_t)(-1) (equals to 18446744073709551616)

Is this a correct number? How can I change it to an amount of coins I want to pick? How can I find out how many are left?

Thanks :)
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Re: What is the supply of coins?

Postby Catherine_Erwin » Mon Jun 22, 2015 2:31 pm

Hello prestotron,
18446744073709551616 is the number of atomic units ('satoshis') that is emitted with proof-of-work. As it is the maximum value that a 64 bit type can store, you can't make the total number of coins greater without changing PoW or without implementing PoS/PoA or another concept. But you can make it less, if you want.

How can I find out how many are left?

Here's the formula to calculate the number of coins in circulation (An):

where n is the current block height, q is emission speed factor and M = 2^64 -1

Number of coins left for mining is calculated as a difference between total number of coins and number of coins in circulation.
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