Bytecoin 1.0.5 released

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Bytecoin 1.0.5 released

Postby ullo » Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:53 pm

We have just updated Bytecoin to version 1.0.5. The following features have been introduced:

Bytecoin Reference Client

1. Real-time transactions pool synchronization is a solution, which guarantees that all network nodes have similar unconfirmed transactions lists. As soon as one node receives user's transaction, it ensures that this transaction is included into transactions pools of all nodes. Therefore, every miner will have a complete unconfirmed transactions list. Read more in our blog post that covers the solution.

2. New network library with network code operating significantly faster than the existing solution. It allows for increased stability of data exchange between the nodes in runtime. We are planning to release this library as a stand-alone project so that any p2p app developer can use utilize it.

3. Block Explorer high-level API has been added to our APIs. With its help, developers will be able to create services that obtain data directly from the blockchain. We've used this interface to integrate Block Explorer into the Wallet. Read more in Bytecoin Wiki

4. A new method "list_transfers" has been introduced in Bytcoin RPC Wallet allowing to receive all incoming transactions regardless of their payment_id.

Bytecoin Wallet

5. In-wallet integrated miner and block explorer. These features turn Wallet into an integral 'control center' allowing to receive and send transactions, mine BCN using any pool, and navigate inside in-app block explorer.



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