bitcoin(cryptonote) weakness private key loosed what to do !

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bitcoin(cryptonote) weakness private key loosed what to do !

Postby sss555 » Fri Oct 02, 2015 6:40 am

private key loosed what to do !

Many one ask this question if i loose my private key what happen , each every bitcoin(cryptonote) user know the coin from that address are gone ( some one take the coin )

How to avoid this in feature development . This is the one weakness in bitcoin(cryptonote) ,

If some one bitcoin(cryptonote) address that contain some bitcoin(cryptonote) ( 1 or something ) the secret leaked ,

That the leaked address secret not any one used to take those coin from that address ,

only who is the real owner of that address he/she only spend those coin ,

this condition need ( if the secret leaked no problem condition need )

any ideas , algorithm , scripts , etc .......... discuss here it help feature development

Contribute : your ideas , algorithm , scripts , etc ..........

cryptonote had a solution this kind of issue?

Thank you all.................
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